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What Makes Legacy Village Assisted Living “Unique”?

Some of the features that set us apart include:


“More Like Home” – 6 separate houses ensure more personalized care


Non-profit organization


3-tier pricing – each tier is all-inclusive within that tier level (no add-ons)


No additional fee for medication administration


Single story and no long hallways


No community fee


All medications received and administered by licensed nurses


Great location next to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art; easy access to 1-49

For a feature article that further describes our unique concept of assisted living, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Legacy Village Assisted Living?

Northwest Arkansas Senior Services, Inc. (NWASSI) owns the property. NWASSI is a non-profit organization made up of Rogers and Bentonville, Arkansas, residents interested in addressing the housing and health care needs of elders in their communities. The Board of Directors is an active group of volunteers who reside in the Bentonville area.

What type of care is provided?

The assisted living homes at Legacy Village Assisted Living are licensed as Level II Assisted Living by the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Office of Long Term Care and must follow strict regulations. To view the regulations in their entirety, search online for Arkansas Assisted Living Level II Regulations.

How is a non-profit organization different from a for-profit organization?

For-profit assisted living communities answer to their stakeholders and are designed to turn a profit. Non-profit communities are mission-driven organizations. Click here to learn more.

What type of accommodations are found at Legacy Village Assisted Living?

Our campus is made up of six single -story houses with the look and feel of real homes. Each home, which is staffed 24 hours a day by a trained care team, includes 10 studio apartments (ranging from 325 to 375 square feet) surrounding a common area core.

How long has Legacy Village Assisted Living been operating?

The first two assisted living houses opened in February 2009. Four more houses were subsequently added.

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